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Booking Terms and Conditions


1. Bookings will be regarded as provisional, until such time as a digitally signed copy of the Terms and Conditions and the required Room Hire fee and/ or deposit has been received. The Club reserves the right to release a provisional booking in the absence of receipt of these items within a 14 day timescale from the date of the provisional booking.  Any outstanding balance must be paid in full at least 28 days prior to the booking.


2. Should you need to cancel your event, please note that the room hire is non-refundable. There may be further costs dependent upon how close to the event you decide to cancel. i.e; catering costs, equipment etc.


3. The Club reserves the right to cancel or amend any reservation if the Club, or any part of it, is closed due to fire, natural disaster, alteration, demolition, by order of any public authority or events beyond our control. If this unlikely situation should happen and we are forced to cancel your booking, you will be refunded any payment in full, after which Dumbarton Football Club will accept no other liability.


4. If additional access/set up time is required prior to your event, this will be charged at £20 per hour to cover additional staffing and associated costs. 


5. The Club must be fully vacated by the client at the end of the hire period including all additional items hired in for the event. All balloons, displays, backdrops, decorations and other hired items not supplied by the club must be removed at the end of the hire.


6. For your safety, a club steward will be on duty at all times and the client shall comply with any direction given in relation to the use of the club.


7. The client acknowledges that Dumbarton Football Club cannot accept any liability for any food consumed off the premises.


8. We are fully licensed, and in this respect, under no circumstances may guests bring their own food or drinks onto the premises or consume any drinks that may have been obtained by raffles, tombola prizes or other services offered. Additionally, all drinks must be consumed inside the function suite. Under no circumstances should alcohol be taken out to the foyer.


9. Dumbarton Football Club must abide by the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005: all guests must cease the consumption of alcohol 15 minutes after the bar has closed and leave the premises.


10. The client shall not encourage, or permit underage drinking and shall co-operate with the Club to ensure that those underage are not sold, or receive, intoxicating drinks. A Challenge 25 policy is in operation.


11. Only food purchased or supplied on the premises can be consumed on the premises, unless prior arrangements have been agreed for outside catering. Outside caterers must have their own public and professional liability insurance and current food hygiene certificate. 

12. The selling or the using of drugs is forbidden whilst on the premises. Any person contravening this clause will be immediately expelled and banned from the Club. The police may also be contacted.


13. The client should make themselves aware of the fire evacuation procedures as per general housekeeping rules and inform the club at the time of booking.


14. The client must ensure that fire exits and escape routes are kept clear of obstruction.


15. Tables and chairs must not be moved within the function rooms. A clear pathway must be kept around the permitter of each function room to allow for easy evacuation in the event of a fire or emergency. Tables and chairs should not be placed against the walls to keep the pathway clear for freedom of movement and evacuation purposes. Furthermore, tables and chairs must not be removed from the function room under any circumstances. It is forbidden to move tables and chairs from one function room to another.


16. No smoking including "e cigarettes” or “vapes” is allowed in any part of the building. Candles and open flame lights are not allowed due to Insurance restrictions.


17. Under no circumstances will aerosol sprays, party string. party poppers or confetti be permitted. The use of sticky tape, blu tack and drawing pins on walls is also strictly prohibited. Banners, balloons and other decorations MUST NOT be adhered to walls. Failure to adhere will result in a £100 fine for damages.


18. Any disco or live band booked by the client must ensure that all equipment is PAT tested. The use of smoke machines is strictly forbidden.


19. The client will be responsible for the proper conduct of persons at the function.


20. Whilst always welcome, children who may be attending are to be kept under parental supervision and not allowed to roam the premises or surrounding areas: this is for their safety and for the benefit of any other persons who may be in other areas of the building. Dumbarton Football Club will not accept responsibility for any harm, which may come to children whilst on our premises whether or not in designated areas (except in the case of negligence by the club).  Children are only permitted within the function suite booked for your event.


21. The club does not accept responsibility or liability for any damage or loss of private property or equipment used or left on the premises, or for personal injury whilst the club is being hired (except in the case of negligence by the club).


22. The client assumes responsibility for any and all damage caused by them or any member of their party, whether in the function suite or in any other part of the building.


23. Dumbarton Football Club has barrier access to the car park operated by a duty steward during your function and is locked when the club is closed so any vehicle left overnight will be unable to be collected until the next office working day.


24. Dumbarton Football Club cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any vehicle whilst on the premises.


25.  If companies/ services not supplied or recommended by the club are hired for functions, I/We agree to take full responsibility for those services and must ensure that they have the appropriate public and employers liability insurance. 


26. When outside companies and/or services are hired by you, it is your responsibility to ensure our facilities are returned to pre-booking conditions (ie if outside caterers are used, the kitchen is clean, dishes are washed and dried, unused food, dishes and litter are cleared and disposed of. Table decoration, table cloths and additional equipment MUST BE REMOVED by the end of the hire).


27. A sound system is available in both function suites for an additional charge if required. The sound systems must not be moved under any circumstances and must only be used by someone with technical expertise. 


28. The client accepts these Terms and Conditions on the basis that he/she as named will be held fully responsible during the hire period.

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